Looking for resolution?

Are you in the beginning, middle or end stages of divorce or separation? Having post divorce issues around parenting? Worried about the cost financially and emotionally of divorcing and the impact your divorce may have on your children?

Look no further.

Mediation may be the tool to help you resolve these conflicts and others. Mediation provides people an opportunity to be in control of working through their disputes and differences in a mutually beneficial manner. Since 1999, Goldberg Mediation has offered mediation exclusively for family (divorce, separation, custody and parenting time, financial division, same-sex relationships, adoption, guardianships, and elder issues), for tribal governments and their agencies, and provides mediation training and facilitation.

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Mediation is a useful tool to help create parenting plans, divide the family finances and other brought on by a divorce or ending of a relationship.


Adoption mediation: also referred to as open adoption mediation, child welfare mediation or cooperative adoption planning mediation. The mediation process can help the birth parents and adoptive parents meet and work out an agreement for communication.


Mediation can be a way to bring together family members confronted with the challenges of an aging family member from working out communication to differences of opinion as to care giving.


Mediation is also helpful in other family situations such as bringing parents and teens together to work on communication, or grandparents and parents working out contact with grandchildren.


In mediation, people can explore and discuss, in a safe and comfortable setting, options that may resolve the dispute and in turn, build the trust and rapport necessary for ongoing relationships as needed. My goal is creative, effective resolution.