Mediation can be a welcome option during these challenging times as we maneuver through the uncharted territory of Covid-19

It’s a simple fact: when faced with major decisions at critical life junctures, finding agreeable solutions can be difficult. Mediation is a private, voluntary process that allows those who are in the disagreement to determine a mutually agreeable outcome through a process that is both time and cost efficient.

If you are a divorcing couple, you don’t have to postpone moving forward with the divorce just because the courts are closed. Instead, you can work out your agreements in mediation now and be ready to finalize when this pandemic moves through.

If you are family members faced with making life-changing decisions on behalf of an elder, this is a difficult responsibility under the best of circumstances. It is even more difficult now with assisted living and memory care units on lockdown. Mediation as a decision-making process can be a beneficial tool to help families find viable options in difficult situations concerning an aging parent.

I am offering mediations remotely on Zoom. I am not a tech savvy person and I found Zoom is pretty easy to use. Email is the best way to connect with me. Please feel free to email me if you have questions and/or would like to schedule an appointment.