Divorce Mediation

Divorce is a transition for all family members. For the divorcing couple, the experience can be very different for one another. It can be an emotional time of stress, shock, and emptiness for one, and yet be very liberating for the other. While we don’t always have control over ending a marriage or control over the issues in dispute, we do have some control over what we do about the issues. Mediation is a useful tool to help families work together in resolving issues brought on by the divorce or ending of the relationship. These issues often include parenting and financial support and other financial issues such as property division.

More information

Please see the Divorce FAQs page. Additionally, there are resources and articles that you may find informative.

I also welcome phone calls or e-mail from anyone interested in knowing more about mediation. I believe mediation can help people find resolution in a creative and effective way.