Goldberg Mediation offers family mediation including:

Grandparent and Third Party Visitation

Family members may suddenly feel isolated and left out of having visitation and contact with the children. If there is a history of conflict between the parents and grandparents, this may only be exacerbated during the divorce. In adoption situations, the birth and adoptive families may not know how to meet each other and share information about the children. Mediation can be an effective tool for families to discuss and make decisions on ongoing relationships with the children and adults.

Post Divorce Issues

Post divorce issues may come about when there is a new relationship, step parents, relocation, changes in the children’s lives that bring about a change in parenting time, decision-making and finances.

Parent and Teen

Conflict may arise between parents and their teens around house rules, friends, dating, school, and behavior. The conflict comes up in divorced and intact families.

Mediation Training and Facilitation

Contact Meg about specific training and facilitation needs.